The New Silk Road


Why the U.S. Can’t Stay Out of the Middle East  
Have you noticed that Washington politicians seem to have forgotten the American people? They are more concerned with taking care of the people of foreign countries and have turned a deaf ear to the American people they were elected represent. Once in office, all those promises made to the people who trusted them to be their voice on the Hill, are soon forgotten.

U.S. politicians and business leaders have abandoned the America people in favor of the monied interests that are moving East. While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was negotiation deals all over the world for billionaire businesses and investors. You see, the U.S. and the multinationals who control our Federal government are using your tax dollars to build infrastructure tied to China’s mega-plan for the “New Silk Road.”

While Obama has been sending soldiers and contractors to the middle east to fight terrorists, big government contractors have been gaining a foothold in the war-torn areas and have begun building the highways, railways, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, new towns and gas and oil pipelines under the auspices of the “war on terror.” They are actually using our money to build the digital, overland and maritime silk roads that will connect trade routes between China, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The Biggest Competition in the History of the World

China, Russia, the US and EU
The reason Obama is hell-bent on getting into Syria is because Syria has been increasing it’s economic and political ties with China. Not only for electricity, transportation, mining and telecommunications contracts, but for mineral, mining and farming resources.

Damascus will be the hub of China’s gateway to European markets. Protectionist policies prevent China from trading with the larger European Union countries, such as France, Germany and Great Britain, so they have been investing in the smaller European countries that form the Mediterranean Union.

The land-based “New Silk Road” will begin in central China to Kazakhstan, northern Iran, then west through Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. From Istanbul, the Silk Road crosses the Bosporus Strait and heads northwest through Europe, including Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Germany and the Netherlands, then south to Venice, Italy — where it meets up with the “New Maritime Silk Road.”

The U.S. has been working hard to beat the Chinese and Russians to the punch. From the State Departments website:

U.S. Support for the New Silk Road


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