The Gun Debate


Diane Feinstein wants to take guns away from Mr. and Mrs. America. Great. What’s the Senator’s plan for taking the guns away from the criminals and gangs who prey upon law-abiding Mr. and Mrs. America? Hello? Diane? Are you listening?

Over the past few months, here in San Diego, we’ve had an increase in home invasion crime. Rancho Santa Fe, Pacific Beach, Scripps Ranch, La Mesa, Northpark and too many more to name. Some of the victims of the break-ins have been beaten and tied up. As the frequency of these crimes escalates it’s only a matter of time when criminals will simply shoot the home-owners and take what they want.

How many Mr. and Mrs. Americas have killed people in cold blood just for the hell of it or to steal?
The only cold-blooded killers are gang members and crazy people who are, almost always, on drugs.

Does anyone believe the Muslim rape gangs in Australia, France and England would feel free to commit their sick crimes if the law-abiding citizens were armed? I doubt it.

Mexico has gun control and look how many thousands each year are murdered by drug cartels.  Chicago has strict gun control laws and it has the highest crime rate in the country. You see a pattern here?

Thanks Diane. Thanks Obama. Thanks Bloomberg. You are trying to take guns away from the wrong people and you know it. The real question is why?


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