Genocide as Entertainment
News about the genocide in Darfur began in 2003. For anyone who has delved a little into the problem, they’ll quickly learn it goes back a lot further.

Anyway, during the past eight years many government and non-government agencies have engaged, debated and sent bushels of money to Darfur to try and stop the death spiral there with little success.

George Clooney, bless his heart, is a caring man who, like most of us, wants to help. That’s a good thing. Over the past couple of years George has done as much as any individual can possibly do to help – but the genocide continues.

I have no way of knowing how or when Mr. Clooney decided to team up with a huge Wall Street media player to try and help the people in Darfur, but it’s clear he took the wrong direction. We now have media conglomerate, Viacom, turning a tragic genocide into entertainment.

Viacom owns MTV Networks. MTV produces mtvU – a 24-hour television channel that is available on more than 750 college and university campuses across the United States.

mtvU provides a more targeted alternative to MTV, and gives advertisers and music promotion companies access to college-age viewers. According to their website, mtvU promotes “college music, activism, shows and activities on campus.”  They even have an online video game “which provides a window into the experience of the 2.4 million refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. ” See website.

Now Mr. Clooney, with the help of MTV, wants to launch a satellite that will monitor potential hot spots in Darfur. Interestingly enough, Amnesty International already has a satellite project in Sudan called “Eyes on Darfur.”

If MTV, by teaming up with George Clooney, believes it can do more with it’s own Satellite Sentinel Project and the catchy little message “the world is watching”, more power to them. If Viacom/MTV is using Mr. Clooney and this tragedy to get into the satellite business, let’s hope all the executives rot in hell.


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