Such a Deal

America is On Sale
If you have enough money, you can buy just about anything. Here in the US, cities and states have been selling off access to our major highways and byways to the highest bidder – usually foreign investors.

Since the real estate crash, tour groups from Asia arrive to attend “foreclosure auctions.” Foreclosures are packaged up and foreign buyers purchase hundreds of houses at a time.

In  Chicago, the parking meters are owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Toll roads across Texas, Illinois, Virginia and Indiana have been leased by a joint consortium – Cintas of Spain and Macquarie Infrastructure Group of Sydney, Australia. We build them with taxpayer money, and the investors maintain them and collect the tolls – which they can raise whenever they see fit.

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Matt Taibbi goes into detail about how we are losing control of our country. Check it out here.


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