Mexican Blood Money

Mexico Will Never Stop the Flow of Drugs to US
As violence pours over the border from Mexico into the United States, Mexican President Calderon calls the Americans who want to stop the murders of U.S. citizens by drug cartels, ‘racially discriminatory.’

SEIU union thugs, professional protesters and far-left community agitators were outside the Arizona capital, protesting a new state law that allows police to ask a person if he is a legal resident if he/she is involved in an accident or is pulled over for a moving violation. Prior to the law, police could not ask a person involved in an accident if they were a legal resident. A small price to pay to help keep killers out of Arizona.

The Examiner’s Sylvia Longmire recently had a little-noticed story about a team of computer experts who were brought into Mexico to set up a computer program to track drug cartel payoffs to police and government officials. The program immediately resulted in the arrest of 92 municipal police officers.

Then, suddenly, the team was rounded up and kicked out of the country. The short time the program was in place, they found payoffs leading to the Office of the Mexican Attorney General. How far up the Mexican government chain would evidence lead? Guess we’ll never know.

Read the whole story:
U.S.-backed computer techs kicked out of Mexico for tracking illegal payoffs


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