Is Mexico is a Failed State?

A Threat to the United States
Mexico is being called a narco state. The military now polices the country because local police are killed if they try to do their job. The government is no long in control – the drug cartels are.

Vowing to crush the cartels, President Felipe Calderón has deployed 50,000 soldiers and 20,000 federal police to the country’s most conflicted areas, yet the pace of drug-related killings has only accelerated, from 2,700 people in 2007 to 7,724 fatalities last year.

One factor in the growing carnage is Mexico’s transition from a “transit country” for U.S.-bound cocaine, marijuana and heroin to a drug-consuming nation.

The UK Telegraph reports a new addition to the Mexican gangs are ‘sicaritos’ or child assassins. In Juarez, now Mexico’s drug addict capital, they are almost certain to be high on crack cocaine.

The brutal drug violence gripping Mexico is increasingly creeping over the border into the United States. The cartels are already firmly established in an estimated 230 US cities.

In Phoenix, Arizona, alone there have been 700 cartel-related crimes in the past two years, including kidnappings and shootings by gangs prepared to shove a gun into a baby’s mouth to get their way.

The Obama administration will push hard for amnesty this year. If that happens, there will be a surge of millions of refugees crossing the U.S. border to escape the violence, a failed economic policy, poverty, and hunger. But that’s not all.

It will also give the cartels an open invitation to bring their violence deep into the US heartland and guarantee greater numbers of addicted Americans.


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