Obama’s Union Nominee

The Reason the Senate is Waiting Until 5:00 PM to Seat Scott Brown
Obama’s  nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will be confirmed by the Senate today. Craig Becker has been SEIU’s Associate General Counsel, working directly with union boss, Andy Stern.

The five-member NLRB supervises union elections, investigates labor practices and, most important, issues rulings that interpret the National Labor Relations Act.

Current law on organizing provides advantages and restrictions for both sides. Employers are required to provide union reps with a list of employees and their addresses. Union organizers can visit employees at home, but companies cannot. Organizers can also make promises to employees (such as obtaining raises), which employers cannot. Companies can argue their position at a work site up to 24 hours before an election, but they are barred from coercing employees. Both sides get a seat at the table during NLRB hearings about the scope of an election or complaints about how it was conducted.

Mr. Becker wants to change the current laws. He believes business owners should have no rights to raise questions on decisions that impact the future success of their own companies.

Most workers don’t want unions. They are well aware of what has happened to the steel, auto and other heavily unionized industries. Obama had to nominate Becker because as Andy Stern said, the union put Obama in office. Will the Senate cow tow to Obama and the union? We’ll see tonight.


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