Time for Change in Illinois

Lech Walesa Endorses Adam Andrzejewski
Chicago – Lech Walesa, the former polish president, is endorsing Polish-American Adam Andrzejewski in the Republican race for governor.

“Because he has no baggage. He is open. He can put things in order. Clean house,” said Walesa. He doesn’t depend on anyone and this is his greatness. Nobody gave us a chance to win over the communists. Nobody. And we proved them wrong,”

“We’re gonna defend the taxpayers of Illinois. We’re gonna bring good governance to Springfield. This is a new era of governance that we can work on together,” said Andrzejewski.

3 Top Issues
1. Making Illinois a magnet for job growth

2. Balancing the budget by cutting spending

3. Ethics reform, specifically making public officials’ sources of income public and banning nepotism in hiring and contracts.

First thing he would do in office:
“Sign an executive order to open up the books, every dime, online, in real time. A second executive order would be to do a forensic audit of the books.”


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