Cutting Off the Head of the Snake

Oil for Terrorism
We are not at war with terrorism – we are at war with followers of an ideology that use terrorism to achieve their objective – the destruction of western civilization.

You can’t fight an enemy unless you know who the enemy is. The enemy of all civilized nations is Islamic Totalitarianism. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are merely cogs in a much larger wheel.

The heart of communism was Russia. The heart of Islamic Totalitarianism is Iran, followed by Saudi Arabia.

In his lecture, “The Morality of War,” Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute tells us how we can fight against the Islamic Totalitarian movement: 

“Iran was founded on the principles of Islamic Totalitarianism, it implements the ideals of the movement in a full-fledged militant Islamic theocracy, and thus embodies its cause—providing the movement with a model as well as indispensable spiritual hope and fuel. Iran is also a leading supporter of the terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah. (Compared with Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan was a bit player.) The second leading state supporter of Islamic Totalitarianism is Saudi Arabia, which has spent more than seventy-five billion dollars on the Wahhabi sect of Islam that inspires legions of Islamic Totalitarians, including Osama Bin Laden.

Without physical and spiritual support by these states, the Islamic Totalitarian cause would be a hopeless, discredited one, with few if any willing to kill in its name. Thus, the first order of business in a proper response to 9/11 would have been to end state support of Islamic Totalitarianism—including ending the Iranian regime that is its fatherland.

As a secondary priority, a proper fight against the enemy that attacked on 9/11 would have involved ending state sponsorship of terrorism by Arab states derivatively connected to Islamic Totalitarianism—states such as Syria (and, before it was ended, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq). These regimes are active supporters of Arab–Islamic terrorism and mouth support for the Islamic Totalitarian cause, but are not ideologically committed to it; these regimes support this cause out of political expediency. Supporting Islamic Totalitarianism gains power for them; by supporting anti-Western causes and jihadists, Arab states direct the misery of their people toward America and Israel and away from their own brutal rule. Supporting Islamic Totalitarianism also gains money for Arab states; for example, the leaders of Syria, a stagnant nation with no oil wealth, are wealthy because oil-rich Iran pays them for providing assistance to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah.

Dealing effectively with these accessories to Islamic Totalitarianism would require, first and foremost, getting rid of the primary supporters of the movement. The next step would be, where necessary, making clear to these derivative regimes that any cooperation with that movement or its aims is not expedient, but a guarantee of their destruction.”

Read the rest: Just War Theory

This is not a war of words for western civilization; this is a war for our very existence. We have to tell the ‘bought’ politicians to put the safety of Americans ahead of their personal desire for wealth and power. If the ones currently in power won’t do it, it’s time for them to go. Support leaders that represent us. That’s a start.

Washington politicians are afraid to make decisions that they might be held accountable for. They are afraid that if they don’t tow the line with their funders they’ll lose those precious donations.

We have to create an environment for the politicians to do their jobs. Stop groups that threaten lawsuits if we don’t cowtow to a minority that protects our enemies. Start with human rights activists. I agree, we need people to protect the rights of suppressed people, but we don’t need them working for our enemies. Implement consequences for traitorious actions. Jodie Evans of Code Pink and Bill Ayers just got back from Egypt where they were demonstrating in support of Hamas. Why are they allowed back in the country after supporting people who hate us and want us all dead?

Jodie Evans went to Afghanistan last year to ‘support’ their suppressed women. We can’t help Afghan women if their government doesn’t let them go to school, or they force them to have clitorectomies. You can’t help those women until the primitive, barbarians are gone.

The big question
Why do we provide Saudi Arabia protection and buy their oil when they continue to fund factions of Islamic Totalitarianism? They smile to our faces then turn around and give money to the people who want to kill us.

This is crazy! We don’t need their oil. We don’t need Iran’s oil either. If we want to dismantle Iran’s repressive regime, we must support the people who have been fighting the ayatollah’s repression.

We have plenty of oil in North America. We can use our own oil while we research and create alternative energy sources.

Just think of that for a minute. We need oil. We have massive reserves in Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. There is no reason to send military overseas. No reason to have to worry about Somali terrorists hijacking another oil tanker. We could stop spending trillions of taxpayer dollars in the middle east and use that money for infrastructure right here, in America.  We could be creating jobs.  We could be repairing our own roads, bridges and rail system.

Without U.S. dollars, Saudi Arabia couldn’t afford to support the terrorists.

By tapping into our own oil and gas resources we could stop the big oil monopoly that holds us hostage to their price gouging.

We could put out bids for smaller, American companies to extract the oil, build the new pipelines, build railroad cars to deliver it. The tax dollars from the oil industry and it’s workforce alone would be  significant toward paying down the national debt. There would be jobs for our soldiers when they came home from the middle east. It’s time to stop talking about it and just do it.


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