Max from Montana

Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee
By now I’m sure most people have seen the unedited CSPAN footage of Max Baucus shouting and slurring on the floor of the Senate. On Monday his office said the video was an “untrue, personal smear” designed to attack healthcare reform legislation.

How can unedited CSPAN footage of Senate proceedings posted on YouTube comprise a “smear?” Everyone I talked to who has seen the clip says Baucus was either drunk or on drugs. See clip: Max Baucus Healthcare

Earlier this year, Baucus recommended his live-in girlfriend, Melodee Hanes, for the appointment of Montana’s U.S. attorney. At the time, Hanes was also acting in her “official capacity” as a Senate staffer when she met with a divorce lawyer to plan Baucus’ divorce months before Baucus had even discussed divorce with his wife.

As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the Senator has been busy creating jobs for Montana with federal stimulus money. Oh, wait. Maybe not:

City Spending Stimulus Money on New Tennis Courts
The Bozeman City Commission authorized spending $49,140 in federal stimulus money on Monday to install new tennis courts at Bogert Park.

The new courts are likely to be ready in June, Parks and Cemetery Department Superintendent Thom White said.

The commission approved a contract with Dermco-LaVine Construction in Minneapolis for the courts during a noon meeting on Monday. The company will put in rubber-tiled courts at the park, located along South Church Avenue.

White said the out-of-state company got the contract because there were no local companies that could do the work.

The money spent on the tennis courts is part of $621,000 in stimulus money that the city received through the Montana Reinvestment Act

– Article by Amanda Ricker – Boseman Chronicle


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