The Politics of Global Warming

The Next Big Thing
For those who weren’t paying attention back in 8th grade science class, we all learned that the earth’s climate constantly changes, albeit very slowly.

There is no fully-accepted view of what causes the climate change. Some scientists believe that the Earth’s orbit around the Sun undergoes periodic minor fluctuations due to flares and sunspots that are sufficient to create climate conditions like Ice Ages.

For many years students were taught that there were four major glacial outbreaks. It is now believed that there were at least eight, and perhaps as many as 20. Since the later glacial extensions would have eradicated most evidence of the earlier ones, precise knowledge may always elude researchers.

In between the Ice Ages, the earth warmed. It always does.

Understanding why the very wealthy keep pushing a global warming crisis on us
Great fortunes are made during times of innovation. 150 years ago we had the industrial revolution. The fortunes made by the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, just to name a few, were greater than the treasuries of most countries. Because of the job creation in manufacturing, a strong middle class was also born.

As the economy started to slow in the early 1900’s, the industrialists looked for ways to keep the gravy train moving. The bankers and manufacturers got fat and happy during WWI and WWII. Steel, drugs, oil, mining, farming all grew exponentially. Right after WWII construction of roads and houses took off. Cars couldn’t roll off the assembly line fast enough. TV’s, radios, appliances were selling like hotcakes.

During the slowdown in the 70’s, industrialists began looking for new ways to increase their fortunes. The Vietnam War helped most of them and created new fortunes.

After the war there was no ‘new, big thing’ on the horizon, so the wealthy manufacturers moved their factories to third world countries to save money.  We were told not to worry about it. America had simply changed from a manufacturing economy to a ‘service economy.’ We were told that in order to keep our economy going we had to buy all our goods (including food) from countries that took our jobs.

But wait. Americans weren’t spending enough to keep the money rolling in for the global companies. The administration and big business told us we should borrow money to keep the economy moving. All those loans made the big banks even bigger. In fact, we were told they were too big to fail.

Now we don’t have jobs. We have little money to spend and we can’t qualify for loans. What’s left?

The Green Economy – The next ‘new big thing

Global warming will save us all.

We’ve been told that we must move to a ‘green economy’ in order to save the earth. Wonderful ‘green’ jobs will be created  by green companies and the planet will survive a catastrophe. The President said that by taxing us for our ‘carbon footprint,’ he will take that money to pay for subsidizing those green companies, such as General Electric – the largest company in the world.

Trading carbon derivatives will make Goldman Sachs trillions more. Al Gore already has his own carbon trading company. The World Bank will be happy again. George Soros and Ted Turner will continue to pour money into organizations to push their global U.N. agenda.

It’s not about the science. It’s about the money. It always is.

Czech Republic and European Union President Vaclav Klaus has warned that powerful rent-seeking groups were riding the global warming alarmism bandwagon all the way to the bank. Rent-seeking occurs when individuals, firms, or organizations attempt to make money by manipulating the regulatory environment rather than by trade and production. Klaus cited firms and non-governmental groups that plan to profit from carbon rationing in the form of emissions permits trading and by deploying highly subsidized solar and wind energy projects.

“Global warming alarmism has always been a political movement.”

-MIT climatologist Richard Lindzen

In academics it is no secret that money, prestige and ideological conformity (in that order) are the bread and butter for most academics and most universities. Most academic writings are designed to serve two purposes, to generate grant money and to win the praises of academic and journalistic peers. Generating true scientific discovery and debate is a distant third.

The current state of “global warming” academic writing is a real world example. Most of the grant money put up for such “research” are handed out by those who expect who to see papers that promote the idea that central control of our economy and lifestyles is the best way to combat “global warming”, which is now called “climate change” because of a minor 10 year cooling trend in global temperatures (even the EPA admits this in a report that they tried to suppress but was forced out by FOIA).

In short, if you publish studies and research that says that man-made global warming is such a tiny drop in the bucket that it is next to irrelevant you are likely to find much of your grant money drying up.

This results in a great deal of bought and paid for junk science. Most of the “science” that “proved” man-made global warming were computer models that are so flawed that if you put in yesterdays data it could not show today’s climate. After a long enough perioud of time, others will publish studies without funding to get their name out there and to be considered “in”.
– IUSB vision – November 19, 2009


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