Posted in October 2009

The Opium Godfather

The Geopolitics Behind the Phoney US War in Afghanistan October 12, 2009 One of the most remarkable aspects of the Obama Presidential agenda is how little anyone has questioned in the media or elsewhere why at all the United States Pentagon is committed to a military occupation of Afghanistan. There are two basic reasons, neither … Continue reading

The Chicago Way

White House Tactics Go Too Far By Charles Krauthammer WASHINGTON — Rahm Emanuel once sent a dead fish to a live pollster. Now he’s put a horse’s head in Roger Ailes’ bed. Not very subtle. And not very smart. Ailes doesn’t scare easily. The White House has declared war on Fox News. White House communications … Continue reading

Meet White House Adviser Who Supports Islamic law

Dalia Mogahed She describes her role in the Obama administration as a communicator to the president and other public officials of “what it is Muslims want.” But Muslims such as Steven Schwartz, a prominent American convert to Islam and ardent critic of Muslim fundamentalism, contend Dalia Mogahed, a scheduled speaker at the annual fundraiser Saturday … Continue reading

Children’s Recital Winner

Somali Rebels Give AK-47 to Best Young Koran Reciter KISMAYU, Somalia (Reuters) – The 17-year-old winner of a Koran recital and general knowledge competition organised by al Shabaab rebels in Southern Somalia got an AK-47 gun, two hand grenades, a computer and an anti-tank mine as prizes. The runner-up in the month-long competition aimed at … Continue reading

The New Counter Culture

Liberty by James Hudnall – Big Hollywood Once upon a time in America, the 1960s to be exact, a generation of young people dissatisfied with the status quo decided they wanted to change society for that they felt was the better. They resented the culture of the time, which was a conservative, somewhat conformist society … Continue reading

Nobel Peace Prize

He won, but for what? By Jennifer Loven, AP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON – The awarding of the Nobel Peace Price to President Barack Obama landed with a shock on darkened, still-asleep Washington. He won! For what? For one of America’s youngest presidents, in office less than nine months — and only for 12 days … Continue reading

Audit the Federal Reserve

300 Members of The House Support Audit the Fed Bill “The great aim of the struggle for liberty has been equality before the law.” That no one— even the highest official of the land— is above the law. – F.A. Hayek, Nobel prize winning economist and philosopher and author of The Road to Serfdom. 300 … Continue reading

The Price of Green Jobs

Learn from Spain By Doris De Guzman The group Western Business Roundtable sent an email yesterday about a Spanish study concluding that for every green job created in Spain resulted in the loss of 2.2 other jobs. The study finds that only one in 10 renewable energy jobs created in Spain were of a permanent … Continue reading

It’s the Economy Stupid

The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh Peter Schiff – September 25, 2009 As another G20 meeting rolls around, this time on home soil, the time comes once again for the economically curious but politically unconnected to wonder what is really happening behind closed doors. But while admiring the pageantry, chuckling at the awkward group photos, … Continue reading