Red Button Day for The Grid

The Grid is 10,000 Times Faster Than the Internet

CERN, the lab that brought you the Web, is reinventing the Internet. Get ready for the atom-smashing, supercomputing, 5-gigabits-per-second Grid Economy

8 billion dollars is being spent to find the elusive Higgs boson – a tiny speck of matter often referred to as the “God Particle.” The key to the universe.

At the CERN site in Geneva, Swizerland a super collider has been built undeground which will, hopefully, re-create the “big bang,” – the exact moment our universe was created. In a 17 mile long, circular tunnel, 2 beams of particles will race in opposite directions. At four locations the beams will converge, sending the particles crashing into each other at nearly the speed of light. The hoped for result of these atom smashing into each other is that matter will be transformed – by the violent collisions – into energy, which will in turn condense back into different types of particles, some of them never seen before.

In the micro-second all this will happen, so much information will be gathered that no one computer could handle it. A super computer called “the grid” – will process a staggering amount of information

The result will be a worldwide, meta-network of PC’s that will supply super-powerful, on-demand capacity anytime, anywhere. Grid technology could revolutionize society. Download an entire movie in seconds, transmit holographic images, offer HD telephony for the price of a local call. Remember a few months ago when Prince Charles attended a conference via hologram? This summer the “Red Button” will be pushed.


Many members of the science community are concerned that smashing sub-atomic particles at energy levels never seen before might create black holes- which could swallow up the earth. There are also concerns that the collision could convert the earth to “strange matter.” Great. Just when I was getting excited about my computer finally working at kick-ass speed.


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